VerityStream, Truth Within Reach: Solving the Provider Data Dilemma

Product Insight Webinar

Presenter: Jonas Fridrichsen, CRO, VerityStream

The healthcare industry is wrestling with immense uncertainty. As healthcare reform, shifting regulations, and changing patient demographics continue to drive change, approaches to credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and evaluation must likewise evolve. Truth around the providers who care for your patients is more important than ever before, and VerityStream is committed to delivering it. 2,400 hospitals and 1,000 medical groups currently rely on our credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and evaluation solutions to deliver their truth—if you’d like to see why, join us for an introduction to our company, our unique positioning in the marketplace, our solutions, and our aspirations for the future of healthcare.

You will learn how;

  • VerityStream can knock down walls within your organization, allowing multiple stakeholders to benefit from provider data.
  • Our content can power your efforts without the back-breaking configuration work you’re used to.
  • Our SaaS-deployment can provide the industry’s first benchmarking tools.

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