Introducing CredentialStream for Credentialing, Enrollment, Privileging, and Evaluation

VerityStream is aiming higher to ensure your patients receive competent care from qualified people.

That's why we created CredentialStream, an ecosystem built upon a continual stream of platform, content, and data.


Are you a growing medical group? CredentialMyDoc is the perfect solution for medical groups looking for a simple solution to meet their credentialing needs.

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VerityStream CVO

VerityStream NCQA-Certified CVO Services

Sometimes outsourcing your initial and/or re-credentialing processes may be your best option. When that’s the case, you can count on our expertise to handle files either in an overflow or full-service capacity. VerityStream CVO can support all your provider credentialing needs, including application management and verification.

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Why Choose VerityStream?

  • One Source of Truth
  • Future Proof
  • Evidence-Based Content
  • Curated Data
  • Continuous Platform Enhancements
  • Insights with National Benchmarks

Who We Work With

VerityStream is helping over 2,400 hospitals and 1,300 outpatient facilities in the U.S. ensure their patients receive competent care from qualified people. 

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