Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing

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This report identifies highly important initiatives are process improvement, provider data management, standardizing privileges, implementing online provider applications, and the impact of onboarding.

Credentialing and privileging are designed to assess the competency of providers who deliver healthcare services to an organization’s patients. Most Medical Staff Professionals would say that their involvement in the credentialing, privileging and re-credentialing of providers is the critical factor in making MSPs the gatekeepers of patient safety.

In this report, we will cover 10 key findings analyzed from over 900 survey responses related to credentialing and privileging. These topics include:

  • Improvement of credentialing, verification and review processes via automation
  • Integration of a master provider database with downstream systems
  • Efficiency of onboarding of providers and its impact on credentialing
  • Management of delegated credentialing and provider directories for "Find my Doctor"