Elevate your VerityStream Knowledge and Training

TrainingToo often, software companies offer standard, scripted product training without completely understanding your business needs. While efficient, this approach doesn’t drive the adoption that most clients need when implementing a new software solution. When training is over, you’re left with minimal knowledge and overly technical user guides, which delays optimal use and efficiencies that were touted during the purchasing process.

VerityStream’s training includes a wide range of options to meet your unique needs. From customized hands-on courses to self-guided trainings and a continually updated KnowledgeBase, our versatile, 24/7 approach to training ensures you can get you up to speed quickly and achieve a rapid ROI.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures faster adoption.
  • Enables context-sensitive knowledge acquisition.
  • Mitigates additional learning curves at go-live.
  • Increases level of comfort for users.
  • Includes post-implementation training.

All About Quality

"Vera Whole Health is all about quality. VerityStream is equally focused on the same thing. The support and the people we've worked with both the front side and the back end of this project have been incredible. It's a great benefit to have a team fully committed to our success behind the product."
  • Duane Nakamura
    Credentialing Analyst
    Vera Whole Health


    • Encompasses the entire product.
    • Focuses on the pre-configured business processes.
    • Agendas that include pre-requisites for each audience.
    • Series focused solely on Super User.
    • Series focused solely on End User.
    • Recordings.
    • Follow-up reports.
    • Suggested follow-up activities.

    Training KnowledgeNOWs

    Coming soon!

    All sessions are recorded on the Help Desk

    • Audit Trail Reporting
    • CMEs and Meetings
    • Customizing your Environment
    • Filters
    • Letter Templates
    • Managing your Payer Networks
    • Master Tables
    • Monitor
    • Navigating Your Environment
    • OPPE Series
    • Peer Review Series
    • Privilege Forms
    • Provider Maintenance
    • Provider Assessment Portal Series
    • Provider Update Portal
    • Surveys
    • Task Management
    • UDFs and Screen Extenders
    • Verification and Letters
    • Verify
    • Working with your Data

    All sessions are recorded on the Help Desk

    • CAQH Import/Export
    • Configuration of Capabilities in EchoOneApp
    • Designing and Mapping Forms
    • Global Updates
    • InForm
    • Managing Alerts
    • Managing Security
    • NoPen
    • NotiPhy
    • Processes and Workflows
    • Scheduler
    • Searches and Reports
    • Utilizing the Export Tool
    • Utilizing the Import Tool

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    Navigating the Conundrum of Manufacturer Designated Training Requirements

    This KnowledgeNOW webinar will discuss the varied forms of manufacturer designated training requirements and will discuss how they may be obtained and utilized to develop privileging criteria.

    Portal Management Console

    Managing your applications is easy when you know all the functionality in the Portal Manager Console.

    All About Expirables, Updated

    All About Expirables, Updated, will discuss the options available in newer versions of MSOW, best practice configurations, functionality and notifications.

    Update Practitioner Status aka “The Holding Tank”

    Learn about this time-saving feature which allows you to enter status and dates, including next reappointment date, to your workflow process to be automatically applied after the Board has approved.