Introducing CredentialStream for Provider Lifecycle Management and Data Verification

Request, Gather and Validate Provider Information

CredentialStream® includes everything you need to request, gather, and validate information about a provider to create a Source of Truth to serve downstream processes. With a modern, continuously updated platform, best-practice content libraries, and industry-leading data sets, CredentialStream is the most comprehensive provider lifecycle management solution available.


CredentialStream includes all of the features of Apply, Validate and Appoint, and is powered by Bolt and hStream. Insights provide credentialing analysis driven by industry data, and The Hub allows for organized accessibility to manage the provider lifecycle. These are a few functions of several features of CredentialStream. Based on your needs, ranging from enrollment to onboarding, credentialing, privileging, evaluation, and network management, explore our additional modules - Enroll, Onboard, Privilege,  Evaluate, and Network - designed to work together to serve the complete provider lifecycle.

Can't Imagine Life Without It

"CredentialStream is a good product! I can see that within the next year, I'm going to be a pro at it and won’t be able to imagine having ever lived without it."
  • Shannon Bowden
    Contracting and Credentialing Manager
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    Paperless Application Process for Initial Appointment and Re-credentialing

    • Deploy an online application for physicians, allied health professionals, and nurse practitioners via the Hub
    • Access a library of state applications
    • Include additional documents, supplements, and disclosures

    CredentialStream - Apply
    CredentialStream - Validate


    Automate the Validation and Monitoring of Provider Data

    • Verify licenses and certifications, including exclusions, sanctions and disciplinary actions for providers, nurses, and a broad number of specialties
    • Monitor exclusions and eligibility for federal and state programs across your entire workforce
    • Verify education and hospital affiliations

    OneClick CVO

    Quick and Easy Way to Request Assistance with the Credentials Verification Process

    • Support both initial and/or re-credentialing processes
    • Verify all types of provider data: Education, Training/Affiliations, Work History, Credentials/Licenses and more
    • Use on-demand and pay as you go: no long-term contract, pay only for services as used

    Download OneClick CVO Brochure

    OneClick CVO On Demand Credentials Verification
    CredentialStream - Appoint


    Centralized, Electronic Review of Validated Provider Files for Department Chairs and Chiefs

    • Library of provider appointment packets and templates
    • Assemble appointment packets by provider type and appointment process
    • Collaborative, online decision making via the Hub


    The Advanced Automation Engine Powered by Validated Data and Best Practice Content

    • 800+ pieces of instantly deployable content including surveys, online applications, reports, workflows, and expirables management
    • Automated queries, "Smart Logic" across products, integrated APIs, and the VerityStream blockchain
    • Validated, integrated, continuously updated vSource data tables including; facilities, schools, payers, license boards, and health status including the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Automate with Bolt

    Meet Bolt - Automation Engine Powered by Validated Data
    Insights - Credentialing


    National proprietary benchmarks power Credentialing, Enrollment, Privileging, and Network Insights

    • Receive recommendations highlighting evidence-based improvements from a library of best practices
    • Focused professional practice evaluation by specialty, privilege cluster, and condition
    • Data-driven benchmarking provides analysis for credentialing, enrollment and privileging

    Learn About Insights

    The Hub

    Sync Up and Engage Providers, Chairs, and Chiefs with the Hub

    • Easily manage the entire provider lifecycle with a direct connection to key credentialing processes and information
    • Integrate your data and workflows with provider communications via a mobile-friendly web platform.
    • Flexible features provide benefits to parties such as providers, chairs & chiefs, and stakeholders

    Discover The Hub

    The Hub Graphic


    Connect with the hStream ecosystem from HealthStream

    • Pre-built integrations with HealthStream products
    • Access to product discounts and previews
    • Access to hStream-enabled tools and content

    Explore our additional modules - Enroll, Onboard, Privilege, Evaluate, and Network - designed to work together to serve the complete provider lifecycle.

    Enroll Onboard Privilege Evaluate Network


    Payer Data Management

    Enrollment Automation

    Provider Hub

    Providers and stakeholders view and complete tasks online

    CRM functionality to empower physician liaisons

    Automated Privilege requests and Conditions Management

    Support single and multi-facility privilege requests

    Measure procedure counts and annual minimums

    Drill-down into provider status, participation, and due dates

    Manage State Regulatory Requirements


    Libraries of 7,000+ payer forms (PDF and Online)

    Roster reports for delegated entities

    Onboarding workflows with pre-built integrations for HR and payroll

    Library of privilege forms

    Privilege and appointment workflows

    Library of procedure codes and performance indicators

    Case Review templates and forms

    Support inbound and outbound rosters for delegated entities

    Reporting and workflows


    Enrollment Insights for users, payers, and providers

    Track time to revenue and pending claims

    Onboard and Recruiting Insights to evaluate efficiency, satisfaction, acquisition, market, and referral analytics

    Track and analyze provider-specific procedure volumes

    Improve processes with Privilege and FPPE Insights

    Identification of low volume and non-granted scenarios

    Comparison of individual provider data to peer data

    Manage provider directories and outbound reporting aligned with CMS requirements

    Network Insights to identify gaps in coverage by specialty or care

    Who We Work With

    VerityStream is helping over 2,400 hospitals and 1,300 outpatient facilities in the U.S. ensure their patients receive competent care from qualified people.