A Beginner’s Guide to Privileging


Puzzled by privileging? This eBook can help!

To protect patients, Medical Services Professionals (MSPs) must adhere to complex and lengthy credentialing and privileging processes to screen providers, verify their ability to practice, and determine which procedures and services they are competent to deliver. Privileging involves collecting and piecing together volumes of data, which can feel like completing a very difficult puzzle! 

The good news is...you don’t have to go it alone!

HealthStream has helped over 3,000 healthcare organizations tackle their privileging challenges. And we’ve condensed some of our significant learnings into this eBook to provide a tool that all MSPs can leverage throughout their careers.

In this eBook, we cover it all, from basic education on the history and fundamentals of clinical privileging to how to navigate all the regulatory and legal aspects involved. It's an ideal fit for both MSPs new to the field of privileging and experienced professionals looking for a refresher or gaining additional knowledge of privileging processes.

In this book, you'll find:

  • An Introduction to Privileges
  • An Overview of the Privileging Process for Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers
  • Tips on Navigating Regulatory, Accreditation and Legal Requirements
  • Details on the Anatomy of Privilege Delineations
  • A Guide for Evaluating Your Current Privileging Process
  • And, More

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