Excel in Healthcare Provider Validation with Provider Validate

Integrate with Epic to search, review, and add referring providers directly into your Epic provider master file

You're receiving referrals and external orders from providers who are not in your Epic EHR system and are outside of your medical staff. As you process referrals, some providers only return partial records, and some might even return the dreaded error: “Provider Not in System.”

Now there’s one, centralized location to quickly verify a referring provider or entity: Provider Validate by VerityStream, available in the Epic Connection Hub (formerly known as App Orchard). Directly access and import clean, validated data back into your Epic provider master file. With Provider Validate, you can ensure referring resources have a clean record before accepting the referral or order.

The Epic Provider Validate App: NPI Lookup Tool

  • Query Type 1 & 2 NPIs for external resources, conveniently from Hyperspace
  • Centralize fresh data from core Primary Source sites
  • Affiliate trustworthy, accurate results with the resource’s SER ID in Epic

How it works:

VerityStream, your Team, and Epic will work together to install the application and map your data. Once installed, Epic users can search and locate providers or clinics using the referrer’s Type 1 or Type 2 NPI.

Requests for Referring and External Ordering Providers are confirmed with VerityStream Validated Providers (VVP) - our pre-validated database of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and more - to provide an accurate, updated record to import into your Epic provider master file.

Quickly validate sanctions, exclusions, and current licensure. Plus, Provider Validate supports sending patient and encounter level summary of care documents to providers for a more seamless transition of care, while helping your organization meet MIPS requirements.

Why you need it:

Secure and Accurate Provider Data

Provider Validate is securely supported by FHIR and OAuth 2.0 technologies. Gain rapid access to provider profiles that are continuously updated based on primary source verifications from federal verification and exclusion lists, licensing and specialty boards, and integrated partners like the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB).

Secure and Accurate Provider Data
Improve Processes and Interoperability

Improve Processes and Interoperability

Provider Validate accommodates interoperability and helps reduce manual data entry for your organization. Experience better workflows for clinical communication, billing, referrals, and reporting. Improve your MIPS score with deployment of direct addresses and in the future, utilization of other endpoints, like FHIR addresses.

Verify Referring Providers from Hyperspace

After installation, Provider Validate functionality is conveniently accessed using Epic Hyperspace. Prevent disruptions and enhance your workflow by sourcing and importing validated Referring Provider data via one, centralized and easy-to-use interface.

Easily Handle Referring Providers