Automate and Accelerate Provider Enrollment with CredentialStream and Enroll

Accelerate Applications and Increase Provider Satisfaction

An average of 6 payer applications need to be processed for every provider per year. If your healthcare organization or practice has 50 providers and it takes 6 hours to manually collect data, fill out forms, and follow up with payers to complete each application—you’re spending almost 1,800 hours a year on provider enrollment paperwork alone.

Enroll is a complimentary product that integrates with CredentialStream. CredentialStream includes everything you need to request, gather, and validate information about a provider to create a Source of Truth. Enroll delivers a complete data management and workflow solution to automate the entire provider enrollment process.

Enroll by VerityStream

  • Shave weeks off your enrollment cycle
  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Increase provider satisfaction

Accelerated Applications and Increased Provider Satisfaction

"With full automation, The Centers and Circle Health is able to provide accurate reports fast, whenever needed. Pair that with the ability to turn enrollment applications around quickly to get providers to work and you have happy patients and providers."
  • Tunisia Bailey
    HR Coordinator
    Circle Health Service & The Centers for Families and Children


    • Payer data management
    • Enrollment automation and QuickView
    • Provider Hub integration and e-signature support
     Enroll - Platform
    Enroll - Content


    • Library of 7,000+ payer forms (PDF and Online)
    • Library of Rosters for delegated entities
    • Enrollment Bolt Reporting and Workflows


    • Enrollment Insights and benchmarks for enrollment by users, payers and providers
    • Track your pending claims and take action
    Enroll - Data

    Enroll Key Benefits