Kick Off the Clinical Competency Lifecycle with Privilege

The health care system is going through a volume-to-value transformation with the goal of controlling costs and improving patient outcomes. Rigorously assessing the clinical competency of your caregivers is more important than ever before.

Privilege by VerityStream automates the clinical competency lifecycle including the standardization of the delineation, request, recommendation, granting, monitoring and evaluation of clinical privileges. With a library of continuously updated forms (best-practice, evidence-based, specialty-specific forms) and FPPE Insights, Privilege eliminates the need to conduct time-consuming research on new procedures and update privilege forms accordingly.


  • Automate privilege requests and conditions management
  • Completely online privilege request, review, and recommendation process via the Hub
  • Deliver real-time data availability to all stakeholders, including providers, reviewers, nurses, schedulers, etc.
  • Support single, multi-facility, and enterprise privilege requests
Privilege - Platform
Privilege - Content


  • Access a library of privilege forms with embedded procedure codes
  • Benefit from pre-built privilege and appointment workflows


  • Analyzes provider-specific volumes related to granted privileges with Performance Privileges (*included with Privilege)
  • Improve processes with access to Privilege and FPPE Insights and other benchmarked data
Privilege - Data

Privilege Key Benefits

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