Benchmark your Credentialing Process with FPPE Provided by CredentialStream's Insights

National proprietary benchmarks power Credentialing, Enrollment, Privileging, and Network Insights

Do you know how your credentialing, enrollment, privileging and network processes stack up against industry averages? Insights by VerityStream offer innovative data visualizations based on national proprietary benchmarks. With Insights, you can see how your processes stack up so you can identify and prioritize action plans for improvement where needed.


Benchmark your process vs relevant and national averages.

Analyze processes by stage:

  • Application
  • Required items
  • Validation
  • Appointment

Breakdown required items stage by group:

  • Department
  • Credentialing Coordinators
  • Hospitals
Insights - Credentialing
Insights - Enrollment


Aspects of the enrollment process can reveal factors that cause delays.

Understand where providers stand in the enrollment process.

  • Packet Completion
  • Validation
  • Approval
  • Enrollment

Benchmark these volumes and timelines:

  • By Payer
  • By Enrollment Specialist
  • By Group size
  • By Facility


Breakdown bottlenecks in your privileging processes.

Understand your privileging process workflow by analyzing requests in process within six stages:

  • Requests Submitted
  • Reviews
  • Department Chair recommendation
  • Credential Committee
  • Medical Executive Committee
  • Board Decision


  • Number of Requests
  • Average time frames
  • Denials
  • Withdrawals
  • Interim requests


  • By Facility
  • By Department
  • By Specialty
  • By Organization type and size
Insights by VerityStream - Privileging
Insights - FPPE

Focused Professional Practice Evaluation

  • By Specialty
  • By Privilege Cluster
  • By Condition
  • Time frames and Volumes
  • % Completed, Retained, Changed

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