Introducing VerityStream - Your Source of Truth

Introducing VerityStream

Introducing VerityStreamOn December 4th, 2019, we announced the introduction of VerityStream™, our newly formed company that combines our Echo and Morrisey businesses. This merger brings together over 75 years of industry experience, innovation and unparalleled solutions resulting in VerityStream becoming the leading credentialing, enrollment and privileging company in the United States. Today, VerityStream serves over 2,500 hospitals and 1,300 ambulatory and outpatient care settings including ambulatory surgery centers, medical groups, urgent care facilities, and more.

On January 9th, 2018 we launched our SaaS-based provider credentialing, privileging and enrollment solution. More than just software, VerityStream's solution combines the best platform, content, data, services and community to deliver a foundational source of truth for healthcare organizations around those that deliver care for their patients.

In December of 2019, we introduced our newest member of the VerityStream family, CredentialMyDoc. Adding CredentialMyDoc to VerityStream enables our clients and theirs to receive the benefits and network effects of a larger and more robust ecosystem. We are excited to welcome CredentialMyDoc’s clients and employees to VerityStream and, more broadly, to HealthStream. Clients of CredentialMyDoc can expect the same excellent level of support, a seamless continuity of services, and the same first-rate staff.

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