4 Reasons You Should Attend Professional Conferences

4 Reasons You Should Attend Professional Conferences

Aug 8, 2018

Author: Kay Lynn Akers, Director of Consulting, VerityStream

We are in the middle of a busy conference season for medical staff professionals. While many of you have made plans to attend at least one event, there is another group who has not for various reasons.

If you are avoiding a professional conference because you have too much work or do not know anyone - think again. That work will be there when you get back and meeting new people is one of the benefits of going solo. Here are four reasons you should make attending a professional conference a priority.

  1. Continuing Education: Attend conferences where you not only increase your knowledge in your field but also earn credits towards maintaining professional certifications.
  2. Networking: Build your professional network throughout the conference at receptions, meals and sessions. I have been known to start connecting with fellow attendees in the hotel shuttle from the airport.

    These contacts have a wealth of knowledge you can tap in the future when the need arises. Just remember, to give back more than you receive!

  3. New Trends and Tips: My goal at every conference is to put into action at least one takeaway when I get back to the office. Look for these opportunities while attending sessions where you will learn about new standards, trends and innovative ideas for the industry.
  4. Fun: Even introverts like exploring new cities, trying new restaurants and enjoying the peace and quiet of a hotel room. For others the fun might be meeting as many people as possible and enjoying the evening receptions into the night. Whichever you prefer, don’t forget to have fun!

These are just a few benefits from attending professional conferences where I hope to see you soon.

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