Privileging Telemedicine Providers: Where the Industry Stands in 2018

Industry Insight Webinar

CMS put new regulations into effect in 2011 to allow “credentialing and privileging by proxy.” Some organizations have implemented this streamlined method of processing their telemedicine providers – but many have not and continue to credential and privilege each telemedicine provider individually. Additionally, the way care is being delivered (many times using technology that has only recently been embraced by healthcare organizations) causes confusion about when credentialing/privileging is required. This webinar focused on key pressure points experienced by today’s healthcare organizations related to determining how telemedicine and telehealth providers will be permitted to provide services. The following topics were covered:

  • Telehealth vs. telemedicine – is there a difference?
  • When is privileging of telemedicine providers required?
  • How can privileging for telemedicine providers be carried out in compliance with CMS requirements as well as accreditation standards?
  • Legal ambiguities – there are grey areas to be navigated and not everything is codified.
  • Regulatory response to privileging requirements at the state levels.
  • Managing regulatory risk vs. legal risk of corporate negligence – how comfortable is your organization with some level of ambiguity?
  • Scenarios – examples of the questions that we get from clients about this subject and our responses.
    • Vicki Searcy
    • Former VP, Consulting
    • VerityStream
    • Todd Sagin M.D., J.D
    • Advisor and Faculty
    • The Governance Institute
    • LinkedIn

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