Credentialing: An Industry of Change

Industry Insight Webinar

Change is affecting every industry on the planet and the healthcare industry is no stranger to change.

The focus of this webinar is on how change has and is impacting the Credentialing industry.  We are experiencing regulatory changes, resource restrictions, software changes, mergers and acquisitions and other changes in the workforce on a daily basis.  No wonder we often feel anxious and exhausted!

How do we combat the stress of changes in our daily routines and become successful in managing change?

Attend this webinar to get some specific answers and solutions from two veterans who have experienced a lot of change during their careers (and who anticipate that change will continue at a rapid pace).

    • Mark Westbrook, PMP, ITIL
    • Senior Director, Client Success
    • Former VerityStream Employee
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    • Katy Young, MBA, CPCS
    • Senior Manager, Customer Support
    • VerityStream
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