You’re Not Dreaming - Streamlined Referring Provider Validation is Here

Product Insight Webinar

Maintain an accurate, verified, and continuously-updated database of referring providers to feed clinical systems, optimize revenue cycle management, and mitigate risk. Easy, right? Not exactly. It’s labor intensive with unclear and redundant responsibilities across a multitude of departments. Referring providers are neither employees nor credentialed medical staff members. The numbers of referring providers and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements are rapidly growing.

VerityStream’s Referring Provider Validation Solution enables a hospital to establish a source of truth for referring providers, available as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated module within VerityStream’s provider credentialing, privileging, and enrollment solution.

In this webinar, Jonas Fridrichsen will share the benefits of Referring Provider Validation with VerityStream including;

  • Dramatically simplify labor intensive processes
  • Ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Automate the process of keeping referring provider contact information up to date
  • Reduce claim denials
  • Increase referring provider satisfaction
    • Jonas Fridrichsen
    • Chief Revenue Officer
    • Former VerityStream Employee
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