Supercharge Your Hospital’s Compliance Efforts with Workforce Validation from VerityStream

Product Insight Webinar

Presenter: Lyle Everett, Former Account Executive, VerityStream

Healthcare organizations are in various stages of implementing processes that perform critical checks for every member of your workforce, not just your medical staff. With this population, not only is diligence in the hiring process mandatory, there is an ever-increasing amount of data that can impact continued employment decisions available via publicly accessible websites like OIG/SAM, FBI’s Most Wanted, and the Social Security Death Master File. You need to be certain that you are checking these sites not only at initial hiring, but ongoing.

Are you confident that you’re properly validating not only your providers, but your entire workforce? Including all your employees, vendors, volunteers, students and others?

Join Lyle Everett as he shares;

  • How changing regulations continually spur an exponential increase in requirements
  • The risks of not properly monitoring these sites for your entire staff
  • What you should be monitoring and how often
  • How to implement a solution that is fast, automated and bears no burden on you or your team

Yesterday's manual effort of checking various databases for sanctions, exclusions, and disciplinary actions is in the rearview mirror with new automated tools from VerityStream!

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