Dr. Death: What Lessons Can We Learn From The Tragic Events that Occurred in Texas?

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Ever wonder why credentialing providers is essential to ensuring patient safety? Ever question the rigorous efforts required to make sure providers are licensed and possess the needed skills to care for patients? Ever ask yourself how an unethical doctor can slip through the credentialing cracks and still practice?

Look no further than Dr. Death.

In 2017, Christopher Duntsch, aka, Dr. Death, a neurosurgeon practicing in Texas, received a precedent-setting life sentence in prison for malpractice. Leaving a trail of over 30 patient-victims in his wake, Dr. Death wantonly disregarded the first and foremost rule of practicing medicine: Do No Harm.

Join Dr. Todd Sagin, MD, JD and Vicki Searcy, VerityStream VP of Client Success as they analyze the tragic series of events that caused patient injuries and even loss of life under the “care” of Dr. Death. While the information to be shared has derived only from the public domain, our experts will explore:

  • What could have been done differently
  • What credentialing professionals can learn
  • How healthcare organizations can apply lessons learned
  • New reporting guidelines from the National Practitioner Data Bank
  • How new guidelines could’ve impacted the course of events in the case of Dr. Death

Are there cracks in your credentialing process? Room enough to let the likes of another Dr. Death slip through? After attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to avoid letting unethical providers into your organization and will have a new found respect for the credentialing process.

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