Automate Collection of Provider Procedure Data to Ensure Patient Safety

Industry Insight Webinar

VerityStream’s Vicki Searcy, Vice President of Consulting Services, and Sarah Cassidy, Solution Executive, will discuss a recently published industry report, which cites alarming statistics around hospitals’ failure to meet volume standards for high-risk surgeries.

A recent Becker’s Hospital Review article referenced the report: “A majority of U.S. hospitals perform high-risk surgeries without meeting healthcare watchdog the Leapfrog Group's minimum volume standards for performing those surgeries safely, which is ‘very disturbing,’ according to Leah Binder, president and CEO of the Leapfrog Group.”

In this webinar, Vicki and Sarah highlight the importance of tracking provider privilege volumes toward measuring provider competency. Minimum volume requirements are tied to individual privileges or privilege clusters within the VerityStream Privilege solution. VerityStream supports its client partners in their patient safety, performance improvement, and risk mitigation efforts via Performance Privilege volume reports, which clearly expose low-volume provider scenarios through the alignment of provider and procedure data. 

Join us to learn more about this recently published report and how VerityStream Privilege can give your organization a leg up in meeting such volume standards to ensure delivery of high-quality patient care.

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