Conducting Virtual Credentialing Meetings and Electronic Approvals During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Industry Insight Webinar

A National Emergency has been declared for COVID-19. Your job is changing daily as are requirements from the federal government.

Many Medical Services Professionals have had some experience in setting up and managing meetings that are held virtually. In fact, in some organizations, virtual meetings are the norm rather than the exception. This trend has been happening over the last several years but because of recent events, many are just now establishing processes for virtual meetings. What does it take to have a successful virtual meeting including electronic approvals?

Meghan Kurtz and Angela Beardsley share tools and techniques for successful virtual meetings. They will also display how to quickly put together electronic packet approvals for credentialing.

Providing care to patients and responding to this pandemic is your only focus right now. VerityStream is here to support you in every way we can.

    • Angela Beardsley, BSBA-IT, CPMSM, CPCS
    • Senior Consultant
    • VerityStream
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    • Meghan Kurtz, BA, MS, CPCS
    • Senior Clinical Solutions Consultant
    • VerityStream
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