COVID-19 Series - What You Need to Know Today: Tele-Staffing and Working from Home During the COVID-19 National Emergency

Industry Insight Webinar

A National Emergency has been declared for COVID-19. Your job is changing daily as are requirements from the federal government.


Have you suddenly been required to work from home?


These are challenging times for everyone in healthcare. The work that medical services professionals are engaged in is vital as the healthcare industry moves into some uncharted territory. 


We know that working from home is possible with the technology available to credentialing departments and medical staff offices but are also aware that many have not yet moved to this type of a model. Credentialing and other medical staff office work can be managed remotely! 


Lisa Rothmuller, AVP, VerityStream Consulting Services, and Kay Lynn Akers, Advisor, VerityStream Consulting Services, bring you tele-staffing tools and techniques from your colleagues, to ensure success in managing a remote workforce. 


Providing care to patients and responding to this pandemic is the focus of your staff and the entire healthcare system right now. VerityStream is here to support you in every way we can.

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