2020 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing

Industry Insight Webinar

VerityStream surveyed 996 medical services professionals and outlined all we learned in our 2020 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing.


From the initiatives that are top of mind to impediments standing in the way of success – the facts we gathered are sure to help your organization improve your credentialing and privileging processes.


Watch this webinar and be one of the first to hear what’s on the minds of today’s MSPs, including;

  • Over two-thirds of the MSPs we surveyed reported that they are either “extremely” or “very” satisfied with the quality of the credentialing and privileging processes at their organization
  • Process Improvement and Provider Data Management remain the top initiatives for today’s MSPs
  • Internal resource constraints and competing priorities top the list of common impediments to achieving priorities  
    • Dwaina Humphries, CPMSM
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    • Lisa Rothmuller, CPCS
    • AVP, Clinical Solutions and CVO Services
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    • Vicki Searcy
    • Former VP, Consulting
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