The Urgent Need for Credentialing and Privileging Automation in Urgent Care Clinics

Industry Insight Webinar

The Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare. According to the Urgent Care Association (UCA), the total number of urgent care centers in the U.S. reached 9,616 in 2019, up 9% from the previous year. Aggressive growth has led to stricter industry regulations and increased scrutiny by accreditation organizations. As well, supporting telehealth is increasing, especially now. As of last year, 30% of urgent care clinics planned to implement telehealth within 6 to 12 months. That percentage has likely increased significantly during the COVID-19 national emergency.

UCCs must ensure patients receive competent care at qualified facilities from capable caregivers, but credentialing and privileging providers and facilities is a time-consuming job that can easily get lost in the shuffle.

In this webinar, VerityStream’s Vicki Searcy, Vice President of Consulting Services, and Joseph Deedy, Regional Sales Director, provide guidance and solutions for;

  • The accreditation standards and credentialing and privileging requirements UCCs must meet
  • Emerging trends that UCCs should prepare to adapt to including telehealth
  • A demonstration of how VerityStream’s newest solution, CredentialStream, serves these needs and prepares UCCs for the future

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