How to Prepare for the NCQA CVO Certification Process Including Virtual Surveys

Industry Insight Webinar

Verifying credentials is an essential safety component of the health care system. NCQA CVO Certification provides a framework for your organization to implement industry best practices to accurately and effectively verify your providers’ credentials. Whether you are a CVO that is considering becoming NCQA certified for the first time, or you are working towards recertification, the preparation process can be a daunting one, especially with the recent advent of virtual surveys.


In this webinar, we chat with individuals who’ve been through it all! Join us as Eloise Busha and Jennifer Kadis of Memorial Healthcare System share details on how to effectively prepare for a survey; Pam Butler, Director of the VerityStream CVO, sheds insight on our very recent and successful NCQA survey experience; and Renee Aird Dengler, current NCQA Surveyor and VerityStream Consultant, tells us what we need to know about new virtual surveys.


You’ll walk away with:


  • Proven, effective activities to prepare for a survey
  • Tips for successfully navigating the survey itself
  • All you need to know about virtual surveys

    • Renee Dengler, RN, MS, CPMSM, CPCS, FMSP
    • Consultant
    • VerityStream
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    • Eloise Busha
    • Medical Affairs Director
    • Memorial Healthcare System
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    • Jennifer Kadis RN, MSN
    • Administrative Director
    • Memorial Healthcare System
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