Accreditation Standards & Credentialing Requirements for Radiology & Imaging Care

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The use of imaging has skyrocketed in the past decade. Several factors have contributed to this increase, including wider availability of technology, increased demand by patients and physicians, and favorable reimbursement. 


Growth, however, does not equal profitability. In order to receive reimbursement from Medicare and other payers, today’s radiology practices and imaging care centers must be accredited by a designated accrediting organization. Accrediting your practice or center requires credentialing expertise that guarantees close oversight of all the resources you bring on board to delivery care. 


If you have questions on fulfilling quality measures associated with accreditation requirements, VerityStream has answers. 


In this webinar, we cover: 


  • Emerging trends driving growth across the global diagnostic imaging market 

  • An overview of the CMS-designated ADI Accrediting Organizations you need to know about 

  • The credentialing requirements today’s radiology practices and imaging care centers must meet 

  • A demonstration of how VerityStream’s newest solution, CredentialStream, prepares your organization to meet accreditation requirements 


Whether you are a radiology practice or an imaging center that is physician-owned or part of a health system, you don’t want to miss this session. 

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    • Dawn Anderson, PESC, CPMSM
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