Did You Know? VerityStream’s CVO Services Can Give You The Boost You Need In 2021

Product Insight Webinar

As medical staff and credentialing professionals, you experience times of being short staffed along with periods of higher than normal volume. This leads to stress, delayed turnaround times and risks accuracy of your files. Enter VerityStream CVO, NCQA-certified for the past 20 years. Whether you’re a hospital, health plan, surgery center, FQHC, medical group, or any other type of healthcare organization, you can rely on VerityStream CVO to handle all your initial and re-credentialing files either in an overflow or full-service capacity. Our CVO provides a scope of services, including application management and verification, to support you in establishing consistent credentialing methods for all staff.

In this webinar, hear from Vicki Searcy, Vice President, Consulting Services, VerityStream, and Pam Butler, CPCS, Director, VerityStream CVO about how VerityStream CVO has innovated and expanded our CVO services over the past two years. Hear how clients have been taking advantage of;

  • Online applications, pre-populated for providers
  • Primary source verification
  • Outreach to non-automated sites
  • 24/7 user-friendly website with anytime access
  • And, more!

Learn how VerityStream CVO can reduce initial and re-credentialing timeframes and ensure quality, accuracy, and completion of your files.

    • Neil Birky
    • Director of Business Development
    • Former VerityStream Employee
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    • Vicki Searcy
    • Former VP, Consulting
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