Overcoming Turnover in Your Medical Group with Complete Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

Industry Insight Webinar

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Health Care and Social Assistance's 2021 annual turnover rate was a whopping 39.4%. Turnover is a burden that results in rehiring and time expenses, added pressure on remaining staff, and reduced employee morale. In fact, losing even just one employee has trickle-down effects that can impact the entire organization. And while there is no software that can prevent turnover, the right kind of credentialing and enrollment software can help foster business continuity when turnover happens by delivering access to centralized data, organized workflows, and more efficient onboarding processes.

Learn more about overcoming turnover in your organization. We’ll learn from Cheryl Cisneros, RN, BSN, CPCS, CPMSM Consultant Advisor, VerityStream, and Collette Becker, Regional Account Manager, VerityStream, about how software solutions like CredentialMyDoc can help you:

  • Store, protect and share provider information

  • Rapidly complete applications

  • Interface and exchange documents with providers through a secure provider portal

  • Utilize dozens of pre-built reports and workflows and build custom reports

  • And more!

With the right tools, turnover won’t slow you down.

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