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Is Credentialing taking too long?

If your office is manually keeping track of dozens of providers, cobbling together paper applications, and managing recredentialing with a mix of disjointed tools, you need strategies.

  • Store, protect, and share information
  • Automate primary source verification with sites like OIG and SAM
  • Rapidly complete applications utilizing a library of 7,000+ preformatted payer forms
  • Use pre-defined tasks to create repeatable templates for workflow
CredentialMyDoc for Medical Groups - Platform

CredentialMyDoc Key Benefits

An All-Encompassing Solution

"CredentialMyDoc is the staple of our credentialing process. I can’t imagine doing business without it."
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  • Why Choose CredentialMyDoc?

    • Secure web portal
    • Library of hundreds of applications, forms and letters
    • Easily track expiration dates and ensure credentials are up-to-date
    • Standard reports for common needs
    • Custom Report Writer to satisfy more specific requests

    Web-based Hassle-free Credentialing and Provider Enrollment for Growing Medical Groups

    Did you know that a one-day delay on provider onboarding can cost your medical group $10,122? When it comes to provider credentialing and enrollment, you simply can’t afford not to have strategies and solutions in place that decrease cost, increase revenue, and accelerate the provider enrollment process.

    The manual processes, combinations of disjointed point solutions, and workarounds you’ve been relying on to get by, are hindering your growth. With CredentialMyDoc you don’t have to choose between losing $10k a day and a making a large investment in more efficient credentialing and enrollment processes.

    Amazingly simple to use, CredentialMyDoc walks you step-by-step through the credentialing and enrollment process to help you stay focused on running a successful medical group.

    MGMA Corporate Member - VerityStream

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