Web-Based, Hassle-Free Credentialing and Enrollment for Physical Therapy Practices

CredentialMyDoc for Physical Therapy Clinics

CredentialMyDoc for Physical Therapy Clinics

An aging population, earlier discharges from hospitals, a growing interest in physical activities, and other trends have helped the U.S. outpatient rehabilitation market grow into a $30 billion industry with a projected annual growth rate of 5 percent or more. While some physical therapy practice owners provide services solely on a cash-pay basis, the majority of clinicians opt to work with third-party payers. This means that staying on top of credentialing is essential to the health of the practice. You need a single, easy to use solution that facilitates physical therapy medical billing and physical therapist credentialing.

Whether you’re managing a small physical therapy clinic with a single provider or bustling center with multiple therapists, we can help. CredentialMyDoc offers web-based hassle-free software for physical therapist credentialing and enrollment. It simplifies data entry and validation, reduces manual errors on forms, streamlines physical therapy medical billing, increases provider satisfaction and speeds up your revenue cycle.

CredentialMyDoc and VerityStream

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As the most experienced credentialing and provider enrollment company in the country, VerityStream understands that today’s Physical Therapy Practices face a unique set of challenges. As we worked side by side with our clients to identify the most efficient way to facilitate physical therapist credentialing, we recognized that CredentialMyDoc’s solutions were intuitive, easy to use, and fast to implement, especially in non-privilege-granting settings. That’s why CredentialMyDoc joined the VerityStream family and is now being offered for your physical therapist credentialing needs.

CredentialMyDoc Solution Graphic
Physical Therapy 16000
There are 16,000+ physical therapy clinics in the U.S.

Source: Seeking Alpha

Physical Therapy Growth Chart
The U.S. outpatient rehabilitation market is expected to grow at least 5% per year.


Physical Therapy 30 Billion
The U.S. outpatient rehabilitation market is estimated to be a $30B industry.


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