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VerityStream employees, or vStreamers, are rallied around our company's commitment to our customers to "aim higher to ensure their patients receive competent care from qualified people". Working here, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to achieving clear business objectives, while achieving personal growth.

We are Passionate about Healthcare

"I think the most important thing to know about VerityStream is we share the vision of making a difference in the HealthCare industry through hard work and the passion for continued learning."
  • Manshi Nawab
    Director of Data Services

    We Offer More Than a Paycheck

    • Paid time off
    • 401k + company matching
    • Medical/Dental/Vision
    • Paid parental leave
    • and more!
    What is CredentialStream

    What We Do

    So, what is credentialing, enrollment, and privileging?

    These are key functions that a healthcare organization must perform to ensure providers are qualified and competent to deliver quality patient care.

    • Credentialing is the process by which a provider’s licenses, background, education and more are checked and verified, most often by the Medical Staff Office at a healthcare organization.
    • Enrollment is the process by which a healthcare organization enrolls a provider with health insurance companies (payers) so that they can get reimbursed for the care provided to patients.
    • Privileging is the process by which the chairs and chiefs of a healthcare organization grant permission to a provider to perform certain procedures based on competency requirements.

    CredentialStream automates these three essential processes, which have historically been done manually with paper forms, spreadsheets, and other methods that don’t scale, risk revenue, and patient safety.

    Our Culture

    What is it like to thrive here?

    While we have a rich history built upon over 75 years combined experience across our legacy companies, VerityStream has a vibrant, energetic, innovative, friendly, and family-oriented culture. We support each other to do our very best and to be our very best, both at work and outside of work. From professional relationships that span decades to friendships you never expected, we pride ourselves on being a community where you can both build your career and take time away to fulfill your life goals and commitments.

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    Grow Your Career at VerityStream

    "Career development is a part of every meeting I have with my supervisor and it is obvious that personal growth is a company goal, not just an individual goal."
  • Baird Dillon
    Customer Support Manager

    Our Commitment

    Our core values are directly aligned with our parent company’s and provide the foundation for how HealthStream employees behave in the organization and unite us under a common focus.

    HealthStream Core Values

    HealthStream Culture Awards

    Comparably Best CEOs for Diversity 2020 Comparably Best CEOs for Women 2020

    Best Mid-Size Company in Colorado

    2021 Best Mid Sized Company to Work Colorado 2022 Best Places to Work Colorado

    Inclusion and Diversity at HealthStream

    HealthStream seeks to promote an inclusive workspace where a variety of perspectives and diversity of thought help to improve business outcomes. At HealthStream, every employee is empowered to bring their unique talents to the table.

    The Buddy Program

    The Buddy Program is designed to help new employees successfully build connections with other team members. We want new employees to feel welcome at VerityStream — starting on day one. A “Buddy” is an existing employee who offers guidance regarding day-to-day work aspects and who promotes a sense of belonging.

    Internship Opportunities

    VerityStream internships offer young professionals an avenue to kick-start careers and help answer one of life’s greatest questions – what do you want to do for a living? Find an opportunity that may be right for you.

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