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Four Reasons to Become a Certified Medical Staff Professional

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Learn from our experts why it is so important to become a certified provider credentialing specialist. Kay Lynn Akers, CPCS dives into the 4 driving factors and the benefits it can have for your organization.

Five VerityStream consultants recently attained the Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) certification from the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS). With decades of experience between them in the industry you might wonder why the group embarked upon months of study and preparation for the certification exam.

There are many reasons why professionals, in any industry, should consider certification.

Career Advancement

Employers know that candidates or employees with professional certification have not only the skills but also the knowledge and drive to move up. Attaining this milestone demonstrates commitment to the profession. According to NAMSS, 27% of people attaining certification see an increase in salary as a result.

Many medical staff leadership roles require certification bringing new opportunities to certificants. Even if it is not required, all things being equal employers prefer to hire the certified job applicant over one that is not credentialed.

Increased Credibility

No matter how long one works in an industry, experience doesn’t automatically convey knowledge. That takes time while MSP (Medical Services Professional) certification immediately demonstrates relevant and current knowledge in credentialing, privileging, and medical staff services.

I say current because the NAMSS certifications require continuing education to renew every three years. Not only does an MSP certification immediately convey an individual’s industry expertise but also the employers.

Professional Development

Preparation for a certification exam increases and/or updates the person’s professional knowledge. Taking prep course and studying relevant materials results in knowledge on standards, rules and regulations and practices.

Most MSPs work with one or two accreditation standards, but the most recent exam tested on six and one more is being added for future test cycles. Learning more standards not only expands knowledge but also gives certificants exposure to information beyond their personal experience.

Personal Accomplishment

Personal accomplishment is very satisfying to most people. Attaining certification in an exam that in 2018 only 45% of test takers passed is impressive. I was one of the five VerityStream consultants mentioned above and can attest that we are all proud of our achievements.

Not only did this accomplishment indicate MSP knowledge but also validated our industry expertise. I’m not quite ready to take the next certification but it is in the back of my mind for the same reasons already mentioned: career advancement, increased credibility, professional development and personal accomplishment.