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Employee Spotlight: Baird Dillon, Customer Support Team Lead

Feb 5, 2020, 12:39 PM by System.Collections.Generic.List`1[Telerik.Sitefinity.Model.IDataItem]
We like to highlight individuals who are going places at VerityStream. Introducing Baird Dillon, our Customer Support Team Lead in Boulder!

We are pleased to share that we are starting a new blog post series featuring recently promoted VerityStream employees. Please help us celebrate their accomplishments and hard work as you learn more about the roles and career paths we have at VerityStream!

Describe your journey so far at VerityStream:

I started with VerityStream in November of 2018 before we had any CredentialStream clients. I was able to learn the product and help assist our very first customers as soon as they were signed. Since then we’ve grown our CredentialStream client base and the Customer Support team has grown along with it. In January of this year I was promoted to Team Lead to assist with our ever expanding team.

What do you think is important for a candidate to know about career development at VerityStream?

VerityStream cares about your career development and makes this obvious from day one. Career development is a part of every meeting I have with my supervisor and it is obvious that personal growth is a company goal, not just an individual goal. I feel supported in my long term goals at VerityStream.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of (work or non work)?

I’m proud that I was able to teach myself how to Snowboard my first year living in Colorado. I use that skill as much as I can and never thought it would be something I’d be able to do, let alone enjoy!