Employee Spotlight: Sean Harvey, Director of Data Services

Employee Spotlight: Sean Harvey, Director of Data Services

Jan 10, 2019

SeanAs Director of Data Services my primary focus is to help scope, schedule and oversee data related projects such as new customer conversions, facility consolidations (customer absorbing another credentialing system), data migrations, and custom data import projects. It’s an exciting role as no two days are the same. Often I am internally focused on our data services teams to ensure they are enabled for success. Other days require more of a customer focus to build positive working relationships, answer questions, and ensure they are pleased with project progress.

What qualities do you think are important to be successful at VerityStream?

There is a strong sense of accountability and positivity here. There is a documented formula for success: “We believe it is a virtue to find a way to say “YES” … and a vice to always say “No.”” I think it is critical to understand the primary tasks of individuals on teams separate from your own so when they need help, you understand and strive to help out anyway you can.  There will be time when you may ask them to go above and beyond to help out, having a true sense of teamwork is infectious.

What do you like most about working at VerityStream?

At this point of my career I am looking for challenges, possibly utilizing an existing process to support/design/define projects or in some cases creating new processes. I enjoy working with my team to constantly think through new ways to solve data conversion challenges. As my role requires oversight of the data team and also ensuring customers are held accountable for their tasks, setting expectations early and reworking documentation often is a part of my role that is very fulfilling.

Why would you tell a candidate to come work at VerityStream?

I would tell candidates that VerityStream will provide a positive and supportive work environment while at the same time obtainable challenges, as long as you are committed and accountable you will flourish at VerityStream.

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