2017 Annual Report on Provider Enrollment: Top Ten Discoveries Revealed

Industry Insight Webinar

During this informative webinar we reveal the top ten discoveries of our 2017 Provider Enrollment survey, where efficiency and automation are high priorities.

In this webinar recording you will discover:

  • Almost two-thirds of organizations indicate that improving the provider enrollment process is a higher priority than one year ago
  • By far, the top priority for improvement is reducing the time required to enroll a provider with over 81% of the respondents saying it was very important
  • Other items considered “very important” by more than half of the respondents included:
    • Improving provider satisfaction with the credentialing and enrollment process
    • Implementing process efficiencies to improve the financial results related to employing physicians and/or owning physician practices
    • Reducing required resources and administrative costs through automation and process simplification
    • Maintaining an accurate provider directory (provider plan participation and office locations) on your website to support patients’ decision-making
    • Tracking metrics, benchmarks, and provider enrollment data to drive efficiencies and decrease onboarding time

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