Top Five Changes in Credentialing Due to the Increased Numbers of Employed Practitioners

Industry Insight Webinar

Consultants Vicki L. Searcy and Mark Westbrook presented a lively discussion about changes that are impacting credentialing processes in today’s healthcare organizations because of the increased numbers of employed and contracted practitioners.

Areas that were addressed:

  • How has the onboarding process for your employed practitioners been updated to include all of the tasks that must be accomplished in order for them to be able to see/treat (and get paid for) seeing patients in a timely manner?
  • Have you defined what information/documentation should be maintained in the “Human Resources” file vs. the Credentials File?
  • Are you embarking on a process to standardize privileges across your health system – or at least in your geographic area?
  • How have the increased numbers of employed practitioners impacted your payer enrollment process? And – are you managing the credentialing process for these practitioners into other organizations?

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