2018 Annual Report on Medical Staff Credentialing

Industry Insight Webinar
Vicki Searcy

Lisa RothmullerMark WestbrookPresenters: Vicki L. Searcy, Lisa Rothmuller, Mark Westbrook

In late 2017, VerityStream Company conducted a survey of healthcare organizations that perform credentialing. We are ready to release the findings. Please join Vicki L. Searcy, Lisa Rothmuller and Mark Westbrook as they provide an overview of the significant findings and compare them with the 2017 results. This webinar will provide you with the complete report as well. Survey findings include:

  • What initiatives are most important to credentialing professionals?
  • What barriers did the survey respondents cite as the most likely to impede progress on working on important initiatives?
  • What initiatives have been fully or partially achieved and which are lagging behind?
  • Percentage of organizations that have standardized their privileges.
  • How do organizations send applications to providers? (email, link, paper)
  • How long does it take the credentialing department to complete primary source verification?
  • And more...

Join us for this important webinar and learn how your organization’s credentialing and privileging practices compare with others.

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