Dreaming of a One-Stop Validation Solution for Providers AND Your Entire Workforce?

Product Insight Webinar

Presenter: Lyle Everett, Former Account Executive, VerityStream

The journey of provider and workforce data in today’s healthcare organization ventures down many incongruent paths toward several disparate departments, each ironically lending support to one another. Within this structure lies ambiguity and redundancy, oftentimes centering on the question of which department has secured the most accurate data. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a centralized, single source-of-truth for verified and automatically-updated provider and workforce data? Look no further than Validate!

While Recruiting, HR, and physician relations oftentimes take the first steps of initial data capture, Compliance, HR, Nursing, Enrollment, owned-Health Plans, and the Medical Staff Office have specific needs and requirements they must fulfill to do their jobs. For example, primary source verifications have been conducted for years now and your ability to automate the primary source verification process is imperative for an efficient medical staff office. Why not take same automation tools for primary source verification and utilize them for Referring Providers and Nurses? Moreover, sanction/exclusion monitoring has always been the cornerstone of an effective compliance strategy, but it’s often done in silos – use the same tool for both your workforce and your providers! With Validate, this is done with ease under the same roof. 

Join us to learn more about verifying and validating your providers, referring providers, nurses and your entire workforce from a single, centralized platform, your source of truth!

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