Streamlining Credentials-Related Meetings Through the Use of Technology

Industry Insight Webinar

Vicki SearcyLisa Rothmuller

Presenters: Vicki L. Searcy, Vice President, Client Success Services and Consulting, VerityStream 
Lisa Rothmuller, Senior Director, Client Success Services and Consulting, VerityStream

Technology now allows organizations to hold meetings electronically and many medical staff organizations are taking advantage of this option. This webinar will focus on:

  • Benefits of electronic meetings
    • To your medical staff organization participants
    • To you and administrative participants
  • Is an electronic meeting feasible? If not, why?
  • Types of electronic meetings – choosing the type that is appropriate for the meeting.
    • Virtual meeting
    • Web meeting
    • Video conference meeting
  • Options for how electronic meetings can be managed.

Sample policies and procedures will be provided along with examples of how to use software to manage electronic meetings.

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