How to Strategically Streamline your Small Medical Group Office to Increase Revenue and Expedite Provider Enrollment

Product Insight Webinar

Presenter: Chris Gann, AVP, Product Management, VerityStream

Healthcare, as we know it, is changing.


The pressure to increase revenue and expedite the provider enrollment process has never been greater.


This means you’ve got to get rid of manual, disjointed solutions and homemade workarounds. If you want to be effective and efficient, you need to have proven and ready-to-go processes in places.


But, is this need being met? As process improvement is consistently rated as one of the most pressing priorities by medical staff professionals, it seems there’s still plenty of room to improve activities that can get your providers billable faster and revenue coming in quicker.


You’ll learn how VerityStream Express + Enroll delivers an out-of-the-box experience – you need only to log on to gain access to ready-to-go workflows, reports, forms and so much more. Medical groups and other small, post-acute care organizations whose current credentialing and enrollment processes are managed by paper or through DIY databases or spreadsheets, can benefit from VerityStream Express + Enroll.


Chris will share how VerityStream Express + Enroll can improve the health of your bottom line, touching on:


  • Why VerityStream Express + Enroll is the ideal process improvement solution
  • How quickly VerityStream Express + Enroll can be implemented and up and running
  • Various care settings that’ll benefit from VerityStream Express + Enroll
  • VerityStream Express + Enroll features and functionality

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