Ensuring Clinical Excellence and Driving Performance Improvement with VerityStream Privilege + Evaluate

Product Insight Webinar

An excellent approach to clinical privileging is perhaps the most critical component of a healthcare organization’s quality program. Patient outcomes are linked directly to whether or not providers are qualified and competent. VerityStream's Privilege solution automates and standardizes the delineation, granting, monitoring and evaluation of clinical privileges via criteria-based, best-practice content and process management.


VerityStream's Evaluate solution offers objective and automated processes for the continuous evaluation of clinical competence of all privileged providers.  Most organizations still struggle with the onerous nature of knowing what to measure, collecting data from disparate sources, and delivering meaningful reports to stakeholders. Evaluate addresses these challenges via the assimilation of myriad data points into relevant outputs used by individual providers, and clinical and executive leadership alike.  The linkage of provider and patient data provides actionable information to impact patient care and outcomes.


This webinar will introduce the Privilege and Evaluate products, including how:

  • Privilege drives efficient and automated processes from providers’ request of clinical privileges through leadership’s recommendation and grant stages
  • Privilege’s library of best-practice, evidence-based privilege delineation forms serve Hospital and Ambulatory/Post-Acute care settings, inclusive of qualifications, codes and FPPE requirements
  • Evaluate solves the challenges of ongoing performance monitoring
  • Provider performance data drives critical medical staff decisions
  • Evaluate supports compliance with regulatory standards, including OPPE


And our presenter, Sarah Cassidy, will provide these product overviews, encompassing features and functionality, product inter-relationships, and data sharing across:


  • Performance Privileges
  • Performance Metrics
  • Performance Premium
  • Case Review


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