Join us for the launch of our new eBook: A Beginner’s Guide to Privileging

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Learn about how HealthStream's newest eBook chronicles the industry's leading privileging processes.

Adhering to rigorous credentialing and privileging processes ensures competent and qualified providers are delivering next-level patient care.

HealthStream® has helped more than 3,000 healthcare organizations deploy best practices and solutions for affirming and continuously assessing medical provider competency. And now we’ve condensed our learnings into a new eBook titled: A Beginner’s Guide to Privileging. 

We’ll walk through the eBook and highlight all you need to know about privileging including:

  • The history and fundamentals of clinical privileging
  • The anatomy of a privilege delineation
  • How to navigate the regulatory and legal aspects involved
  • A look inside CredentialStream®
  • And, more!

This eBook is an ideal fit for both medical services professionals (MSPs) new to the field of privileging and seasoned pros looking to gain additional process knowledge, so get registered today!