Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Services

Introducing VerityStream CVO - Our Credentials Verification Organization Services

Verified credentials for healthcare professionals is a critical component to ensuring patient safety. For healthcare organizations, managing credentials verification in-house requires establishing predetermined licensure qualifications, performing extensive background checks, and guaranteeing a medical professional’s legitimacy to provide care. Unfortunately, managing this in-house can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, both for small and large organizations.

That’s where VerityStream’s NCQA-Certified CVO Services come in. We have products tailored to meet your individual credentialing needs and act as an extension to your team. We provide credentialing services as an ongoing or overflow capacity covering a variety of services including initial and re-credentialing, expirables management, and sanctions monitoring. VerityStream’s NCQA-Certified CVO Services manage credentialing verification for hundreds of organizations and thousands of providers, and we can help you too.

VerityStream CVO Services is NCQA Certified

VerityStream CVO Services Process

What You Can Expect

  • Online, paperless application
  • Verification using over 1,000 primary source sites
  • 24/7 user-friendly portal with real-time monitoring
  • Potential red flag notifications sent for review
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VerityStream CVO Benefits

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