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At VerityStream, our newest and most powerful solution, CredentialStream, is an ecosystem built upon a continual stream of platform enhancements, evidence-based content, curated data, a robust community, and services to support you and your organization. CredentialStream includes everything you need to request, gather, and validate information about a provider to create a Source of Truth to serve downstream processes.







Ignite the power of CredentialStream with these five products to serve your entire provider lifecycle.

Enroll Onboard Privilege Evaluate Network Coming 2021


Payer Contract Management

Enrollment Automation

Provider Hub

Providers and stakeholders view and complete tasks online

CRM functionality to empower physician liaisons

Automated Privilege requests and Conditions Management

Support single and multi-facility privilege requests

Measure procedure counts and annual minimums

Drill-down into provider status, participation, and due dates

Manage State Regulatory Requirements


Libraries of 7,000+ payer forms (PDF and Online)

Roster reports for delegated entities

Onboarding workflows with pre-built integrations for HR and payroll

Library of privilege forms

Privilege and appointment workflows

Library of procedure codes and performance indicators

Case Review templates and forms

Support inbound and outbound rosters for delegated entities

Reporting and workflows


Enrollment Insights for users, payers, and providers

Track time to revenue and pending claims

Onboard and Recruiting Insights to evaluate efficiency, satisfaction, acquisition, market, and referral analytics

Track and analyze provider-specific procedure volumes

Improve processes with Privilege and FPPE Insights

Identification of low volume and non-granted scenarios

Comparison of individual provider data to peer data

Manage provider directories and outbound reporting aligned with CMS requirements

Network Insights to identify gaps in coverage by specialty or care

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Who We Work With

VerityStream is helping over 2,400 hospitals and 1,300 outpatient facilities in the U.S. ensure their patients receive competent care from qualified people. 

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