Provider Validate by VerityStream

Integrate with Epic to search, review, and add new providers directly into your Epic provider master file

You're receiving referrals and external orders from providers who are not in your Epic EHR system and are outside of your medical staff. You have some record of these providers, but not the level of data that gives you confidence in getting reimbursed. As well, you must keep up with regulations like those in the 21st Century Cures Act.

Get that confidence back with Provider Validate by VerityStream. With Provider Validate, you can directly access and add clean, verified provider data to your Epic system, ensuring that you know these providers and have a clean record before accepting the referral or order.

How it works:

VerityStream works with Epic and your team to install the application and map your data.  Once installed, users can search and locate providers based on NPI number.

Requests for Referring and External Ordering Providers are confirmed with VerityStream Validated Providers (VVP) to provide an accurate, updated provider record for your Epic provider master file. You can also use Provider Validate to validate exclusions and current licensure.

Plus, Provider Validate supports sending patient and encounter level summary of care documents to providers for a more seamless transition of care, while helping your organization meet MIPS requirements.

Why you need it:

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